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ESFSERVICES can advise you on the most safe and environmentally friendly way of collecting your waste. Consider the amount and type of waste that is released at your office locations and the frequency of emptying the container.

Press container: The Minipers container can compress up to 27 m³ of industrial waste. Because the container occupies a maximum of 8 m² of floor space, it can also be placed at companies with limited space – for example in a parking garage or bicycle storage.

Residual waste: roll container 120 ltr, 240 ltr or 360 ltr for daily mixed industrial waste / residual waste.

Paper / Cardboard: roll container for paper / cardboard 120 ltr, 240 ltr or 360 ltr which is separately collected and removed for recycling.

Shredders / Aggregate containers: for confidential documents: One-off, periodical or on-demand; Your confidential documents will be shredded on location and you will receive a destruction certificate on the spot.

Chemobox: it serves for the collection of small chemical waste such as batteries, toner, cardridge, etc. and is also separately disposed of and processed.

Plastic collection: Plastic packaging, plastic bottles, foil, bags, just to name a few that disappears between the residual waste. Separate plastic collection yields a lot, from cost savings to environmental protection

Glass container: as you know, glass can be fully recycled without loss of quality, so separating glass waste is certainly good for the environment. We place containers free of charge within 24 hours, anywhere in the Netherlands

Food residues: Your company produces a lot of food waste, such as cooked kitchen waste, fruit waste, or meat and fish remains. With the right type of container you always have a hygienic collection of food remains.

Construction waist container: For the collection of construction and demolition waste. Much of the construction and demolition waste can be reused or reused as a raw material for other purposes.