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Home Cleaning

ESFSERVICES is in search of capabel home cleaning help, based on the customers needs, they will take care of the tasks you do not wish to do anymore:

Cleaning of home including windows
Bed cleaning
Clothing wash and ironing
One time cleaning after odd

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Home Care

ESFSERVICES “Home care” in the household is for people that cannot do this on their own anymore because of physical limitations or of old age. All our employee’s get a starters training after they have been selected, this teaches them that

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Regular Cleaning

The basic services of ESFSERVICES consist daily regular cleaning of offices, buildings, institutions, schools, day-care center, medical practices etc.
Examples of cleaning of buildings and office space are:
– Cleaning desk / dust free
– Window sills / dust free
– Audio and Video equipment dust

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Window and Facade Cleaning

ESFSERIVCES is specialized in Window and Facade Cleaning.
Within facade glass and separation walls and External glass facade glass; outside of facade glass our professional staff come on all types of buildings. From low rise to specialized upper works. We keep

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Building Completion Cleaning

After a remodeling, renovation or new construction is delivered there is a delivery cleaning necessary. With Building completion cleaning we collect all the waste and take it off, remove stickers from Windows and panels, remove cement veil of tiles, shine

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Dispensers and Consumables

Delivering dispensers and consumables for dispensers, for kitchen or sanitary use
Kitchen supplies; by dispensers to paper, from SOAP to towels. According to your special wishes. Of course, we adapt to your budget and vote the replacement and supply of sanitary consumables to

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Special Floor Cleaning

Specialized carpet- and floor purification Your floor is our business card Shampoo and purification of carpet Maintenance of all kinds of floors: Marble, PVC, Wood, Casted floors, Paving tiles, Rubber .etc
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