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Home Care

ESFSERVICES “Home care” in the household is for people that cannot do this on their own anymore because of physical limitations or of old age. All our employee’s get a starters training after they have been selected, this teaches them that respect for the customer always comes first.

What can we do for you?

  • Vacuum cleaning and mopping
  • Cleaning of furniture
  • Refrigerator cleaning
  • Widow cleaning and washing (in and out)
  • Washing and ironing of laundry
  • Bed linnen cleaning and making of the bed
  • Bathroom and lavatory cleaning
  • Making skirting boards, edges, borders, doors, cabinets dust and spot free
  • Sidewalk sweeping and if necessary making it snow free


This is the collective utility (pgb) the local authority pays for mostly. It might be possible (depending on your personal situation) that you need to pay a bit out of your own pocket. This really depends on how high your monthly income is.

Way of Work

The municipality provides an budget indication. ESFSERVICES will contact you and draw up a cleaning plan, in which you can indicate what you expect from the home help.
On the agreed day / time an employee from ESFSERVICES comes along and cleans your home. You will of course receive a permanent help, who will come to you every time. Consultation between you and ESFSERVICES will take place as often as necessary.


For more information about our services you can contact us during office hours by telephone 020 386 85 80 or send us a email to info@esfservices.com




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