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Cleaning agents and materials

ESFSERVICES does business with reputable suppliers based on strict requirements and warranties. In order to perform its work ESFSERVICES uses agents, machinery and materials which comply with international guidelines and legislation. Where possible, we seek to work with as few agents as possible or none at all without the expense of the quality we provide. We endeavour to work in such a way, that prevent unnecessary harm to the environment.


ESFSERVICES provides the following products and services:

  • recycling containers designed for paper, which is collected separately and taken away for recycling;
  • rubbish bins for the separation of waste, part of which is fitted with a plastic bag, although the bins consist of two or three parts, namely, the rubbish bin itself, which is reserved for paper waste, a bag attached to the bin to hold other waste, and an optional cylinder attached to the bin, in which plastic coffee cups can be deposited;
  • chemical boxes, which are used for the collection of small chemical waste, such as batteries, toner, tippex, felt-tipped pens and so forth, and which are removed separately.